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We have reviewed your daughter's  Application for Admission, and it is my distinct honor to welcome your family to Our Lady Academy!  We are delighted to have your daughter join our community - all indications tell us that she will be a great addition to our school!

Principal Jennifer Seymour

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Welcome to the Crescent Family!

What's next?

Now begins the enrollment process:

 -Create and set up FACTS Family Portal

-Review and submit Enrollment Packet

-Pay Registration Fee

To complete the online enrollment, you will access our FACTS Family Portal.  The Family Portal is our private and secure online platform that will become what you use to access your daughter's grades, attendance, lesson plans, homework, and much more. 

Once the Family Portal is set up, you will complete the enrollment packet. The non-refundable registration fee is due upon submission. Please see the following schedule for the registration fee. 

Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 2.45.38 PM.png

Below are instructions for creating your Family Portal account and submitting your enrollment packet for the 2024-2025 school year:

  1. Click here to get started. The link will open in a new window. 

  2. Click Create New Family Portal Account.

  3. Type your email address and click Create Account. An email will be sent which includes a link to create your Family Portal login. The link is active for 6 hours.  It may take a few minutes to receive the email.

  4. Select the Click to Create your Family Portal Login link.

  5. A web browser displays your Name and FACTS Person ID.

  6. Type a User Name, Password, and Confirm your password.

  7. Click Save User Name and/or Password.

  8. A message displays at the top of the browser, “User Name/Password successfully updated.”

  9. Log into Family Portal using the User Name/Password you created. 

  10. After logging in, click on Apply/Enroll in the left menu and the Enrollment/Reenrollment link.

  11. Our Online Enrollment system will open with a link to the enrollment packet for your daughter. Please carefully review all information for accuracy.  The online process should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your information will be saved if you need to stop and come back later.

If you have any questions or need more information about the enrollment process, please reach out to our team at any time. 

After enrollment is completed, you will receive information about final registration in the summer, new student orientation, upcoming sports tryouts, and more. 

We are so excited to welcome you into the Crescent family!

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