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Religious Formation

Religious formation is a crucial part of student life. In addition to being enrolled in a Religion class, students have many opportunities to grow in their faith and strengthen their relationship with God. At least twice a month, students attend Mass as well as an hour of Adoration. Each class attends a class retreat led by OLA's Retreat Team. Juniors and Seniors have the option to attend a four day Kairos Retreat in either the fall or spring. Students may participate in numerous Campus Ministry events, as well as traveling to Washington, D.C. to attend the March for Life. 




Athletic participation is encouraged and supported at OLA.  The determination and commitment needed to be part of a team is a vital skill our students develop and carry into adulthood. 


From the soccer field to the volleyball court, OLA students carry on the rich tradition of excellence in athletics while learning the importance of teamwork.


The Arts



The Our Lady Academy Choir has showcased OLA's very talented singers. The class leads the Sacred Music at school masses and puts on performances for the school. 


Visual Arts

Our Lady Academy is known on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for it's talented fine art students. Visual art students have won awards at various competitions as well as being involved in the arts community of Bay St. Louis. Each year, the students participate in the OLA Student Art Show that showcases the amazing work that has been completed throughout the year. You don't have to wait until the student show to see artwork, however. Stop by to visit the OLA Art Studio to see work from previous students that adorn the ceiling and floor. 

National Art Honor Society recognizes students who have outstanding talent and a desire to spread art to the school and community. 





Our Lady Academy provides numerous clubs for students to participate in. OLA has an active Student Council, Robotics Club, Crescent Athletic Club, SADD, Ambassadors, and Youth Legislature among many others. 



Serving others is an integral part of being a Crescent. Students are required to complete ministry hours each year with their local churches and organizations.



Mercy Day

Our Lady Academy is rich in traditions, and one of its most special traditions is Mercy Day. It is a day when we remember as a school the charisms of the Sisters of Mercy. We remember its foundress, Catherine McCauley, by having a prayer ceremony followed by a school wide tea. For lunch, the school hosts a large picnic beneath the oak trees overlooking the Gulf. The picnic is filled with decorated tents and live music. The rest of the day is spent in competitive Sisterhood games and learning important life skills. 


Every year in the spring, each class comes together to create a theme that incorporates costumes, props, a backdrop, a banner, and a dance. There's really nothing like it, and it is something to be experienced in person. Stay tuned for when the next Intramurals will be announced. Make sure to arrive early because people come from all over to see the amazing production the students created in only 2 weeks! 


When a young lady becomes a Crescent, she is placed in a Sisterhood. Sisterhoods include students from all grades. Each Sisterhood embraces one of the Works of Mercy embraced by the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisterhoods come together to complete community service that relates to their particular act of mercy. They also compete together in the Mercy Day games. 

Big Sister, Little Sister

Sisterhood is woven into the fabrics of OLA. One of our most fun and special traditions is Big Sister, Little Sister. Freshmen, little sisters, are paired with Seniors, big sisters, during a touching prayer ceremony. Before the ceremony, the Big Sisters reveal themselves to their Little Sisters during a week of fun surprises. It's something special that the entire school looks forward to. The bonds created through Big and Little Sisters last a lifetime. 
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