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Our Lady Academy Demonstrates Pro-Life Commitment in Local March For Life

The Our Lady Academy school community proudly participated in the local March for Life, led by the Knights of Columbus, on Friday, January 19th. As a Catholic school deeply rooted in pro-life values, the event served as a powerful expression of our commitment to cherishing the sanctity of life.

The March for Life, organized by the Knights of Columbus, drew together a diverse group of individuals, including students, faculty, parents, and community members. The event was a visual demonstration of Our Lady Academy's dedication to advocating for the protection of the unborn, aligning with the core principles of the Catholic Church.

"At Our Lady Academy, we believe that all life is precious and deserving of protection. Our participation in the March for Life is a tangible expression of our commitment to these fundamental values," said OLA principal, Jennifer Seymour.

As the school continues to be a beacon of pro-life advocacy, the Our Lady Academy community remains steadfast in contributing to a culture that values and protects every precious life.


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